How will you support the residents of Westhaven in your role as Ward 4 Alderman>?

How will you support the residents of Westhaven in your role as Ward 4 Alderman>?


I will support the residents of Westhaven by:

  • Advocating for the completion of Mack Hatcher project that reflects needs and desires of Westhaven residents 
  • Preserving the rural character of the area surrounding Westhaven neighborhood 
  • Will be Westhaven's voice and advocate preserving the Eastern side of Franklin's character and sense of place. 


Westhaven is one of Franklin's most unique achievements. Known around the world for the quality of planning and design, Westhaven has developed into a real community. A place for families, empty nesters, newlyweds, and grandparents. All in one place. The housing diversity, thriving storefronts and amenities are a shining example of how Franklin can develop something special. I envision a day when we are all working to protect and preserve Westhaven for the next generation. It is that special! 

Westhaven comes with unique challenges. Specifically, additional growth on the West side of Franklin. Access to the new Mack Hatcher extension is going to be a game changer for the residents of Westhaven getting to and from the I-65 Interstate. However, we must be diligent and we must be thoughtful on how further development occurs on the West side of Downtown Franklin. We can not take this road improvement and overcrowd it with vehicles within years of completion. We must ensure the residents of Westhaven have a voice in the thoughtful and intentional completion of the Mack Hatcher connection to their special neighborhood and the West side of Franklin. 

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