Issues Patrick Baggett cares about

Why do you want to be Ward 4 Alderman?


I don't see serving as Ward 4 Alderman as the start to my service to the Franklin community, it is a continuation of my years of service to our community. I want to serve in the community where Amy and I have chosen to raise our children. Serving to ensure the Franklin of their future is at the core of why I am running. I have met so many people in this community who long to keep Franklin special and unique, and I believe I am uniquely qualified to do this job. 

I am running to:

  • Ensure the continued strength of our local economy and the financial stability of our city government
    • Through sound fiscal policy focused on living within our means as a city. 
    • Supporting our local entrepreneurs, shop keepers and retailers businesses that make Franklin a great place to live and work. 
  • Keep our city safe and healthy
    • Supporting our Police & Fire Departments 
    • Promoting connectivity and our city parks systems for recreation and active healthy living throughout the city. 
  • Protect and preserve the things residents love most about Franklin
    • Prioritizing citizen quality of life through controlled growth and a focus on solving our traffic issues
    • Preserving our historic properties and assets and encouraging the telling of the full story of our city's history
    • Advocating for Franklin's values- hospitality, faith, family, a welcoming spirit, historic charm, traditions, charity and service to our neighbor.

What are your views on growth in Franklin?


When we evaluate growth as a City, we must look always prioritize the quality of life we want to maintain and provide for both current and future Franklin residents. How we proactively plan and manage growth and ensure the rural legacy of Williamson County is preserved will be a critical task for the next generation of City leaders.

Franklin and Williamson County have a legacy of growth. The Franklin of 1988, the year my wife arrived in Franklin, would be unrecognizable to us today. Many of us came to Franklin as a result  of the areas growth over the years. The economic opportunities and the foresight that many of our City and County leaders had in those days led to the development of Franklin as we enjoy it today! However, we are now at a crossroads where we must look to the future as they did and we must take action to protect the attributes and qualities of Franklin that we currently enjoy. 

Design matters. A sense of place matters. Following a Plan matters. Developing and planning for a broader community that has the sense of place that our downtown has is vital to keeping Franklin special. We must demand that new development meet our standards of design, fit the character of Franklin and growth planning documents we have in place.

What are the opportunities for Franklin's Parks System?


To me, our greatest opportunity in the Parks System is effectively deploying the funding received from parkland dedication fees to build, along side private partnerships & grants, a world class parks system that is unequaled for a City the size of Franklin. We are very well positioned to do this in Franklin and it is going to take forward thinking vision of Staff and elected leadership to create, manage and improve our Parks system throughout the City. 

I have had first hand experience working with Franklin's Parks System in a variety of ways. As one on the team of organizers of the Great Americana BBQ Festival at Harlinsdale, I have had the opportunity to interface with the wonderful and professional Parks Staff at the City. We really are blessed to have such amazing people working for our Parks Department. 

I have severed on the Friend's of Franklin Park's Harlinsdale Committee for a number of years now and it has been an incredible experience to see a private non-profit work hand in hand with the City to achieve incredible improvements to our Parks System. 


How will you address the concerns surrounding increased traffic in our community?


To address our traffic concerns we must approach the issues on multiple fronts:

  1. Work to develop areas where infrastructure exists. (I-65 corridor and East)
  2. Ensure that new major roadways do not become overloaded. (Mack Hatcher) 
  3. Increase funding for local road network.
  4. Press State to complete Mack Hatcher with 4 lanes in three existing quadrants. (NE,NW, SE)


Tourism accounts for over a million visitors per year to our area. That, on top of continual growth in our County and surrounding Counties equals traffic concerns. That means cars. Lots of cars. 

We need to focus on improvements that encourage the movement of traffic around Mack Hatcher, Carouthers, I-65 interchanges, Hwy 96 E & W and  as much through traffic OUT OF DOWNTOWN every chance we get. Improvements and completion of the existing Mack Hatcher Pkwy need to be prioritized and pushed at the State level so traffic isn't pushed Downtown and onto smaller road networks that are easily overwhelmed. 

Many of our traffic problems in the Cool Springs area are related to the tens of thousands of commuters coming to Franklin everyday for work. We must look at ways to incentivize less traffic during the workdays in our corporate business districts and in our downtown. We must encourage walkability, ride sharing, effective public transit in order to keep traffic under control in these crowded areas during daytime hours.

Stopping development 100% won't help our current traffic issues, so we must look to implement realistic and attainable solutions that will have impact NOW.  Increasing local funding for road improvements to catch up on a backlog of projects will have a significant effect on traffic over the next few years and should be prioritized.  

Ensuring future development funds improvements to infrastructure and road networks BEFORE development begins will be critical.We must be smart about thinking of the secondary impacts of development and we must secure funding for road improvements in anticipation of those impacts. 

How will you support the residents of Westhaven in your role as Ward 4 Alderman>?


I will support the residents of Westhaven by:

  • Advocating for the completion of Mack Hatcher project that reflects needs and desires of Westhaven residents 
  • Preserving the rural character of the area surrounding Westhaven neighborhood 
  • Will be Westhaven's voice and advocate preserving the Eastern side of Franklin's character and sense of place. 


Westhaven is one of Franklin's most unique achievements. Known around the world for the quality of planning and design, Westhaven has developed into a real community. A place for families, empty nesters, newlyweds, and grandparents. All in one place. The housing diversity, thriving storefronts and amenities are a shining example of how Franklin can develop something special. I envision a day when we are all working to protect and preserve Westhaven for the next generation. It is that special! 

Westhaven comes with unique challenges. Specifically, additional growth on the West side of Franklin. Access to the new Mack Hatcher extension is going to be a game changer for the residents of Westhaven getting to and from the I-65 Interstate. However, we must be diligent and we must be thoughtful on how further development occurs on the West side of Downtown Franklin. We can not take this road improvement and overcrowd it with vehicles within years of completion. We must ensure the residents of Westhaven have a voice in the thoughtful and intentional completion of the Mack Hatcher connection to their special neighborhood and the West side of Franklin. 

How will you support the residents of Downtown Franklin in your role as Ward 4 Alderman?


I will support the residents of Downtown Franklin by:

  • Aggressively advocating for the residential neighborhood character and qualities of Downtown Franklin
  • Fighting to reduce and re-route traffic away from Downtown 
  • Supporting the local businesses and shopkeepers who make Downtown Franklin unique

I first fell in love with Downtown Franklin as I drove the streets of Franklin developing business and meeting clients in this beautiful place. Downtown Franklin must be protected. it is special. It is where I walk at night, it's where I take my kids to breakfast on Saturday mornings. It must be actively advocated for on the Board of Mayor and Alderman. Downtown Franklin isn't a commercial district that could be recreated or "turned" into a modern shopping district. It is a neighborhood, with locally owned shops and restaurants, full of residents and people who love their neighborhood. It has watering holes and it has fine dining favorites. It should be protected as a neighborhood. This means encouraging residential occupancies of houses. This includes advocating for and always looking to the interest of the residents of Downtown.

My role as an advocate for Downtown is central and important to ALL citizens of Franklin. We must protect this jewel that is our Downtown. 

Do you support public/private partnerships?


I support public/private partnerships between the City and private/non profit businesses 100%. I believe Government should seek to find private partnerships to achieve common goals whenever possible. For example: Friends of Franklin Parks has brought $1mil+ in private funds to improve our Parks System. We should engage private enterprise to solve our Affordable Housing issues instead of the City attempting to solve the problem with more Government. We should look at opportunities to partner with private business whenever in the best interest of the taxpayer and the citizens of Franklin. 

What issues will you address regarding the City's budget?


We are blessed in Franklin to be one of the most financially stable municipalities in the State. With that comes great responsibility. Aldermen have a responsibility as elected officials to hold the City accountable for the funds taken in through taxation. Just because the money is coming in, doesn't mean we should spend it. We should critically evaluate every line item of expenditures to ensure it is absolutely essential to conduct regular business for the City. Every effort must be made to preserve the financial stability of the City of Franklin while actively minimizing, when possible, the tax burden on residents. 


Will you advocate for the preservation of historic assets in our community?


Yes. I will work tirelessly to advocate for the preservation of our historic assets within our community. This includes historic buildings and our Civil War history as well. 

I have said many times, Franklin is unique. We have actual Civil War history. We have history that pre-dates the Civil War. We have history that is presently in the making. Think of the notable, historic individuals who have chosen to call Franklin home during our lifetime. Our future history is just as rich as today's history! 

Knowing this, we should fight to preserve and tell the story of the 200+ years of history Franklin has. 

Our history, specifically our Civil War history, is something we should all seek to appreciate. Civil War history is the history of rebellion, of morals, of sacrifice, of Union, of mistakes, of evil and great suffering, of racism and injustice and ultimately the beginnings of healing and hope for renewal. The City of Franklin can continue to be a place of continued healing, renewal and education. We can be unique and not "cancel" our historic past. Our town square will be unique and will tell the whole story and will deal with our complicated past. Because of this, millions  of visitors who come here each year will have the opportunity to deal with the complicated past on America's Favorite Main Street.  

In addition to our Civil War History, we have so much architechural history and uniqueness in this town that must be preserved. Groups such as the Heritage Foundation, the African American Heritage Society, Franklin's Charge, Battle of Franklin Trust and many others are partners in preserving our entire history and the City should support these private non-profits in their endeavors to continue preserving this special place. 

What role does your faith play in your life?


My faith plays a central role in my life and specifically the ways I serve in my community. The ways I have served have been extensions of my desire to extend common grace to my community from the grace that I believe has been shown me. Compassion, understanding, empathy, joy, patience, love all embody the issues and the missions of the organizations I have served in. Giving, without expecting anything in return.