How will you address the concerns surrounding increased traffic in our community?

How will you address the concerns surrounding increased traffic in our community?


To address our traffic concerns we must approach the issues on multiple fronts:

  1. Work to develop areas where infrastructure exists. (I-65 corridor and East)
  2. Ensure that new major roadways do not become overloaded. (Mack Hatcher) 
  3. Increase funding for local road network.
  4. Press State to complete Mack Hatcher with 4 lanes in three existing quadrants. (NE,NW, SE)


Tourism accounts for over a million visitors per year to our area. That, on top of continual growth in our County and surrounding Counties equals traffic concerns. That means cars. Lots of cars. 

We need to focus on improvements that encourage the movement of traffic around Mack Hatcher, Carouthers, I-65 interchanges, Hwy 96 E & W and  as much through traffic OUT OF DOWNTOWN every chance we get. Improvements and completion of the existing Mack Hatcher Pkwy need to be prioritized and pushed at the State level so traffic isn't pushed Downtown and onto smaller road networks that are easily overwhelmed. 

Many of our traffic problems in the Cool Springs area are related to the tens of thousands of commuters coming to Franklin everyday for work. We must look at ways to incentivize less traffic during the workdays in our corporate business districts and in our downtown. We must encourage walkability, ride sharing, effective public transit in order to keep traffic under control in these crowded areas during daytime hours.

Stopping development 100% won't help our current traffic issues, so we must look to implement realistic and attainable solutions that will have impact NOW.  Increasing local funding for road improvements to catch up on a backlog of projects will have a significant effect on traffic over the next few years and should be prioritized.  

Ensuring future development funds improvements to infrastructure and road networks BEFORE development begins will be critical.We must be smart about thinking of the secondary impacts of development and we must secure funding for road improvements in anticipation of those impacts. 

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