What are your views on growth in Franklin?

What are your views on growth in Franklin?


When we evaluate growth as a City, we must look always prioritize the quality of life we want to maintain and provide for both current and future Franklin residents. How we proactively plan and manage growth and ensure the rural legacy of Williamson County is preserved will be a critical task for the next generation of City leaders.

Franklin and Williamson County have a legacy of growth. The Franklin of 1988, the year my wife arrived in Franklin, would be unrecognizable to us today. Many of us came to Franklin as a result  of the areas growth over the years. The economic opportunities and the foresight that many of our City and County leaders had in those days led to the development of Franklin as we enjoy it today! However, we are now at a crossroads where we must look to the future as they did and we must take action to protect the attributes and qualities of Franklin that we currently enjoy. 

Design matters. A sense of place matters. Following a Plan matters. Developing and planning for a broader community that has the sense of place that our downtown has is vital to keeping Franklin special. We must demand that new development meet our standards of design, fit the character of Franklin and growth planning documents we have in place.

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