Will you advocate for the preservation of historic assets in our community?

Will you advocate for the preservation of historic assets in our community?


Yes. I will work tirelessly to advocate for the preservation of our historic assets within our community. This includes historic buildings and our Civil War history as well. 

I have said many times, Franklin is unique. We have actual Civil War history. We have history that pre-dates the Civil War. We have history that is presently in the making. Think of the notable, historic individuals who have chosen to call Franklin home during our lifetime. Our future history is just as rich as today's history! 

Knowing this, we should fight to preserve and tell the story of the 200+ years of history Franklin has. 

Our history, specifically our Civil War history, is something we should all seek to appreciate. Civil War history is the history of rebellion, of morals, of sacrifice, of Union, of mistakes, of evil and great suffering, of racism and injustice and ultimately the beginnings of healing and hope for renewal. The City of Franklin can continue to be a place of continued healing, renewal and education. We can be unique and not "cancel" our historic past. Our town square will be unique and will tell the whole story and will deal with our complicated past. Because of this, millions  of visitors who come here each year will have the opportunity to deal with the complicated past on America's Favorite Main Street.  

In addition to our Civil War History, we have so much architechural history and uniqueness in this town that must be preserved. Groups such as the Heritage Foundation, the African American Heritage Society, Franklin's Charge, Battle of Franklin Trust and many others are partners in preserving our entire history and the City should support these private non-profits in their endeavors to continue preserving this special place. 

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